Let’s admit, in the world of some humans ‘Writing’ never happened ….. and the other 2 nuts in my family belong to that very species. While I’m a happy camper celebrating the first completed year of Blogging, these nuts of mine are engaged chewing the fat. Why do you write? Did it make you famous? Do you think it will make you richer one day? What did you achieve from blogging?

So, to all those who wonder why I write for free … I am not foolish.  If anyone came knocking to my door I would take their money or gifts (cash & kind both acceptable).  However, its not a pre-requisite for my writing. I just don’t need it to be that way. Because if you love what you are doing, you are already inspired to do it every single day. While for some of you, writing might seem like a chore ….. kind of the same way I feel about cooking or driving. For me, it is more comparable to getting a spa or watching a movie. Writing is relaxing. More so when I have no deadlines, no evaluator and no pressure!

Writing is personal. But its also a way for me to connect with you. A way of staying in touch with those friends & acquaintances of mine whom I don’t get to speak that very often but I know who care. So I try to share those happy, sad moments of mine with you …. remember how we did sitting across the table, sipping our coffees. Writing is sharing a piece of myself with each post, each word.

Writing is being vulnerable. Writing takes courage. Writing is a way to release those thoughts in my brain that keep me up at night or distract me from more pressing matters like what to cook for dinner. So while this blog is a way of capturing my kids’ childhood, our family memories, and sharing the tips which have helped me, its also a means of delivering a message that we all have tough times and we can come out of it if we stay positive.

There are days when I escape to a quieter spot in my house with the thought that it would be good spending some time alone with my thoughts only to realize I don’t have as many thoughts. The next minute, I watch some chaos unfold before my eyes providing me with a food for thought and the baseline of my next post. Its exciting to see how thoughts take shape. Sometimes I read what I’ve written and feel a smile creep up, that stays long after I’ve closed my laptop.

I write when I’m inspired. I write when I am upset. I write when I am in love. I write when I am concerned. I write when I’m in awe of someone. I write when I have a bone to pick with someone. I write because sometimes words are all I have.

Today is my 32nd post since I started this blog 375 days ago and all my stories are 100% genuine and honest. I’m not here to preach and say what I’m doing is perfect but I write only to bring some comfort, joy, hope and strength into this world. And my reward comes in the form of You, my readers, over 200 friends that I’ve gained. I came to realize that the more open I was about the challenges we face, and the way I felt, the easier it became to deal with them. Talking the talk has made it easier walking the walk. And I owe this to you. You, who always listen to my talk and send back words of encouragement, comments of appreciation and a promise that I’m not alone. I take a lot from the process.  I take a lot from you. You see, I don’t do this for free. Thank you for your support, compassion and openness to learn. Thank you for taking the time to get to know the 3 Nuts and a Buttercup ……. and the others like us!

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  • Well, your posts always leave at least one smile on my face and it is usually more than one. Watching you embark and reach the one year goal is truly motivating and delightful. Your writing has evolved into a fun, witty and positive bunch of words that are calming and serene. Looking forward to many more experiences and episodes. Cheers to the new year and new possibilities!

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