We are 15 today

We are 15 today

Today’s blog post is different and special because it’s all about my husband and our anniversary! And I’ve been instructed to not get too mushy and be mindful that I’m in public domain. Why is this guy always on a high alert? Does he ever relax? I’m certain that he has a fun side too, despite rarely having the pleasure of bearing witness to such. When hubby arrived at God’s fountain of humour and was offered a drink, he only gargled. Thanks to me, there’s still some laughter in the house.

Coming back to the point, its a special day as I complete 15 years of being married to this Superhero. I know what you’re thinking ……. You think I’m calling him a ‘Superhero’ just like that ….. just to flatter him. Absolutely not, I have evidence

  1. He can carry 5 grocery bags and my younger one, all simultaneously, from the car to the house and still care about closing that door behind him.
  2. He’s awesome at deciphering codes like …… the difference between ‘What’ and ‘What’. Puzzled? But he never is. He knows which ‘What’ means that I didn’t hear you and which ‘What’ means that I’m giving you a chance to change what you just said.
  3. Nothing escapes his eye. He sees everything ….. EVERYTHING …. The wrinkle in the bed, the marker on the wall, the little grease on the bottom of a washed pan, the tiny Lego piece under the couch, that human hair on the carpet, the smile on my face while writing this …. He sees everything, he can smell it!
  4. Whenever someone in the house needs him, they just look up to the sky and scream his name and he’s there in no time, at their rescue. He saves the day, actually, every day, no thanks needed.


It so seems I’ve already exceeded the permissible word limit of the Anniversary Special post. So no further dialogues, no cheesy stuff, no saying that I see the Sun behind your back and that you are the reason I’m alive. For your sake hubby I’m trying real hard to keep it short and crisp.

I’m not a writer, I suck at any form of art & craft, I’m a terrible housekeeper and depending on the day, I can also be a challenging person to love. But there’s one thing I’ve done really well in life ……… picked an awesome husband for myself. I truly deserve that credit and I love being your wife.

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