The Change

The Change

Here we are …… nearing that time on the calendar when it would mark the end of one year and the beginning of the next. And no time Change is more expected, discussed and encouraged than at the beginning of a new year. People talk about resolutions and what Changes would they make in their lifestyle.

Personally speaking, I’m not a huge fan of Change. I prefer my comfort zone and status quo is my favourite status. I feel comfortable with ‘as is’ because I know what to expect. I’m not sure how you perceive Change but the first few words that come to my head when I think of Change are Huge/ Big/ Massive/ Scary…

This year has been a whirlwind of so many activities and I wish to touch on a couple of them before I call it a night. I remember edging into 2021 with lots of hopes and then juggling my way through COVID, remote learning, kiddo’s graduation from kindergarten, a job change, blogging, house hunting and the never-ending new variants. I used to believe that the most prominent Changes in my life are the 3 Ms – Marriage, Motherhood and Migration, but seems like God plans to surprise me every year.

My elder one was a stereotype. She slept well, ate anything we put in front of her, and didn’t attempt any dangerous toddler stunts. She just did what we told her to do. I thought, what do parents whine about? Parenting is pretty easy! And then arrived my second one, my Buttercup, who totally changed our family vibe. Dolls and princess plays got replaced by wrestling matches, tickle fights and hide & seek in busy shopping centres. As if this wasn’t enough, came my Buttercup’s diagnosis and that led to so many big small Changes. Changes in routine. Changes in relationships. Changes in expectations. Changes in priorities. Changes in emotional strength. This journey of a impatient girl who couldn’t stand that munchy crunchy noise dad made while eating cookies to being a mom who does not mind Coffee going down her dress and up her nose by a tiny stroke of kiddo’s hand has been quite taxing. Yet rewarding !

Yeah Change sucks. As much as I wish to stand tall in the face of Change, it terrifies me. However, I do realize its high time for the fear of Change to change. Change is scary, but it is sometimes necessary and potentially good. We are all supposed to change for the better, thus having a better year than last. And it is also a huge part of Parenting. Kids move on, kids progress, and we grow with them. It’s a good thing.

2022 will have its own new challenges but I guess the best approach would be to live in the moment and stay focused on the positives in life. Aptly said, “The only way to make sense out of Change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”

Happy New Year everyone 🙂

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