The Awe of Autism

The Awe of Autism

*Knock knock* anybody there?
I just hope some of you are still there. Okay, I admit. Looks like I’m a blogger who hasn’t blogged in a really long time and frankly, that’s not a good look. 

But I did give you the heads up, Summer = Outdoors. And August anyways is a busy month for us, starting with Kiddo’s birthday followed by couple of beach trips. And not to miss, its summer break for kids and my brain is already pulp. That’s it ……. my list of excuses.

Talking of the fun trips, no trip is complete without looking, re looking and re-re looking at its photos. And whenever I’m looking at any family photographs, Buttercup is my favorite subject … for the simple reason that she is never anything other than herself. Most of us, as we grow lose our innocence and charm. We tend to become artificial/ superficial. But she has a purity and honesty that comes through, even in photographs. And that holds true for every special kid I’ve met till date.

Quirky? Yes. Expressive? Yes. Different? Yes.

In this Autism journey, I’ve got to meet many fascinating kids and their amazing families. I get to observe special people dealing with special circumstances. I get to see challenges, but I also see brilliance, effort, commitment and creativity at every turn. Hubby thinks I’m in the awe of Autism …… may be …. and why not. These kids never fail to impress me. As a parent to an autistic child myself I could be biased, but here’s my list of 11 awesome things I absolutely adore about Autism:

  1. How they so openly and physically express their joy … that spark in the eyes, their flappy hands, those lit up faces in excitement. Every expression is superlative.
  2. They are Black & White and take every word in its literal sense. Nuances of conversation, idioms, metaphors, body language make no sense to them. Like if I were to tell kiddo ‘hold your horses’ she would actually start looking around for horses to hold.
  3. Their ability to stun people with facts. They are smarter than you think and cooler than you know.
  4. Their exploring nature and ability to turn anything into a toy and find new ways of keeping themselves entertained
  5. How they notice patterns where others miss them.
  6. Their incredible sense for order. A pin can drop, and my Buttercup will hear it, and she won’t stop until she finds it.
  7. Their near photographic memory, recalling words, lines, phrases, and people, from days, months, or years past.
  8. Their ability to hyperfocus when it comes to their special interests.
  9. How they don’t stress about social rules and norms.
  10. Their eternally optimistic outlook. They’re uncynical, believers at their core. Like my 6-year old firmly believes that she can swim, fly, drive a car & can even talk to animals.
  11. They never judge, criticize, complain or lie. Their pure love is without rules & acceptance of everyone.

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