About me

Hello world! I’m Misha, a Toronto based Indian mother of two beautiful girls, one of whom is on the autism spectrum. I’m a  Talent Acquisition Specialist by profession and a Blogger by interest and this is my page. As we trudge on the parenthood path (or trap) we all have our moments and this is where I share mine …. the good, the bad, the ugly.

Assuming you would often dig into this page of 3 Nuts and a ButterCup, let me begin with telling you about the main characters of this story. And its quite pertinent that I introduce the main characters to my readers (that’s the least I’ve learnt from Jumanji2 ;)) so here you go –

Nut no.1

My best friend/ college sweetheart/ now my hubby….. man of the house. The guy is a survivor who has managed to remain sane with 3 over the top females hovering around him all the time. One who is on a relentless mission of making everybody happy.

Strengths: Honest (perfect husband material), Patient and Kind  

Weaknesses: Obsessive Cleaning, Sleep (that he’s often deprived of)


Nut no.2

Yours truly …… a Good Looking, Soft Spoken, Charming female who’s a movie buff and loves to cook (not food but stories).

Strengths: A die hard Optimist, Determined and Witty

Weaknesses: Seriously? Have you ever heard of Superheroes (or heroines) having a weakness?


Nut no.3

My elder one …….. a young, ‘know it all’ girl approaching her teens who now shares everything with Mommy from clothes to jewellery to make-up tools to gossip to arguments.

Strengths: Good Looks, good looks and good looks ………… just kidding, apart from good looks her strengths include High IQ (referred as ‘nerd’ by her friends) and a Puppy face (to ensure that her little sister does not steal away all the attention).

Weaknesses: Food and Books



My autistic younger one ….. princess of the house who very well knows that we mortals are there to serve her. I’m usually dumbstruck when asked to describe her because I see so many different shades of her everyday ….. she is so varied and everyday with her is different. She’s intelligent and stupid, talkative and quiet, careful and careless, calm and reckless, she’s smart and she’s silly, she’s a Diva, she is a clown ……… sometimes familiar and sometimes a complete stranger. Follow my blog and you might catch a glimpse of her.

Strengths: Photographic Memory, Diligence and Good Looks ……. I know, I know what you are thinking ….. ok, ok, I admit, it runs in the family!

Weaknesses: Mommy’s I-phone, limited attention span and communication.


Life with a kid on spectrum is never boring …. often funny, sometimes frustrating or tricky or repetitive and messy and challenging and unpredictable but never boring! Autism is a journey I never planned for but I sure do love my tour guide. So I like to carry my hope and use humor & passion to tell stories of my daily life, challenges and triumphs.

Here’s where we give ourselves permission to be human. My family isn’t perfect, I am not perfect and neither is anybody. Life isn’t perfect …but it’s just perfect that way. So, if this page entertains you, moves you, inspires you and makes you want to come back tomorrow, then stay tuned!