Motherhood – A Constant Warfare

Motherhood – A Constant Warfare

Somewhere between Love and Madness lies Motherhood. Its laborious but entertaining. A daily up and down of feeling joy and frustration, all in the same time …. you know what I’m referring to. Being a mom is the one thing that can make you feel like you are falling apart one minute and totally together the next.  

Motherhood is wondering if you’re feeding them enough, reading to them enough, playing with them enough and even loving them enough.

Motherhood is spending far too much time managing other humans’ toileting needs, that you are just left with a split second to finish your business.

Motherhood is liking your bathroom dry but loving those giggles at bath-time splashes.

Motherhood is thinking it’s the perfect weather for sending kids outside and worrying after 15 minutes that they’re out for too long.

Motherhood is complaining about the noise in house but putting their favourite song on full blast to watch their crazy dance moves.

Motherhood is struggling to serve them piping hot dinner, straight out of the oven and then blowing on every single bite so that it’s not too hot.

Motherhood is being super excited for their first day to school and then walking back home teary eyed.

Motherhood is lecturing them on being independent and secretly wishing that they miss you at every step.

Motherhood is feeling sick of Bubble Guppies and Frozen and yet going around all day long humming “Let it Go”

Motherhood is wishing that the kiddos talked a little less but feeling proud of their wit & vocabulary when they open their mouth.

Motherhood is being your kids’ most enthusiastic cheerleader and at the same time their biggest critique.

Motherhood is desiring 5 minutes of silence and dreading it when that happens, pondering what monkey business they are up to.

Motherhood is spending hours to make them look presentable when venturing out in public and meanwhile wearing the same yoga pants for the past 6 months yourself.

Motherhood is yelling at them all day long and then sneaking into their room to kiss Goodnight after they’re asleep.

Motherhood is looking at their infant pictures with a big smile and a lump in throat that it went by too fast.

Motherhood is hoping that your kids have planned something BIG this Mother’s Day but knowing deep within that their smiles & hugs is really all that matters.

Motherhood is getting up early this morning to finish this post in peace but now missing them already. Why they aren’t moving? Why aren’t they up yet? Its 15 mins past their usual time. Are they sick?  Are they breathing? Maybe I should go wake them.


On that note, to all the worrisome awesome Mommies … Happy Mother’s Day weekend!

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