Make-up Lessons

Make-up Lessons

The vacations are on and so is my elder one, unearthing a new activity every day. Today she challenges me to have a make-up competition with her. She proposes that we do each others’ make-up and then have someone judge who did a better job.

I do not enjoy this task. Nothing makes me feel like a female figure failure more than the fact that I still struggle to put the eyeliner right. So I protest …. ‘Who does that, never heard of it, its such a waste of time’

My Nut No.3 plays the emotional card ‘all my friend’s moms do it with them’. ‘Great! I would arrange your play date at their house’ best trick to hide my cosmetological awkwardness. She’s annoyed, but with utmost composure throws me a bone ‘fine, no one would judge, no competition but just as an activity …. for fun!’

Okay, if that qualifies for FUN! I would join in …. Parenting sake. The little miss mini me sat there enthralled and I sat there in utter hesitance.

We now have to take turns in doing each other’s make-up and she offers me the first shot. I started the way I always did with foundation directly into the face and she immediately says, “that’s not how you do it mom!!” Then she scoffs at me when I reused the same brush for foundation and blush. My cheeks were starting to flush from performance anxiety.

She notices my discomfort and stops me. Forget it mom, I would do yours. She takes over the charge and begins. ‘Do you want a French look or an American look?’ ‘What? Mmm, whichever of the two is a bit lighter’ I plead. ‘Okay the French one you mean’. Her confidence is unparalleled, she’s on the task and bombarding me with questions every now & then. Do you want a cat eye or smoky eyes? I just don’t understand this. What were all these products? What were all these techniques? This terminology? Bake? Contour? Cut crease? Waterline? What were all these steps? Why was she using so many brushes? What had happened to the application of makeup since I had last checked in, which admittedly and evidently, seems a century ago? My face is all covered in concealers, powders and brushes. She’s using a random assortment of colors when I never ventured out of the shades of pinks & browns my entire life. My face had so much products on it but she said, “that’s on trend!” Very satisfied with her work she tells me that I’m slaying the look and should check in the mirror. My skin can hardly breathe but I give her full credits of the hard work.

I remember what my own mom said to me when I had first expressed the desire to wear make-up. She said, “You have such natural beauty though, you don’t even need to wear makeup.” I had totally bought it then. All these years I believed that I’m someone who pulls off that “natural” look better. But was now one hundred percent questioning if what mom said was true and not just a ploy to refrain me.

Oh, this girl is disturbingly good at this and she seems very disappointed in me. Mom you need to watch a “beginner friendly” tutorial, its easy peasy. When did all this become the “beginner” stage of makeup? Anyways, she puts a James Charles video and that’s the death of my confidence. Yes, I am from the Dinosaur Age. I better take some notes!

I look at her and don’t know what to say. Now that she knows I am a lost cause in this department. Maybe I need to improve on my makeup acumen and application theory, to earn some respect as a makeup wearing human for the last twenty years. I think I should probably brush up on my tutorial. I have a lot to work on before she brings up the heat again.

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