I See You

I See You

I saw you today. You walked past me as you were trying to find the right pair of shoes for yourself. I saw you struggling to keep your special needs child calm in that busy store. I saw your anxiety when your kid ran over dangerously close to other kids. I saw your discomfort when your child didn’t behave age appropriate.

We may never have met before, but I know you are a lovely person. I see that when you smile. I see you being patient with your kid. I see you ignoring all those stares. I see the look of relief that crosses your face every time your child survives an unexpected change in his routine. I see you taking him to therapy while your friends take their kids to football or dance classes. I see the enormous joy pouring through your eyes when your kid displays a new skill. I see when you celebrate little milestones in a big way. And I see the hope that creeps into your heart when you see your child make progress and think that may be the doctors got ‘it’ all wrong.

I also see you making a bad face when your parenting is questioned. I see the anguish when your child is rejected by his peers. I see you cringe when you hear the “r” word. I see you sneak out of the conversation when your friends boast about their kids’ achievements. I see when you sometimes resent the people who don’t ‘know’. I see you disappear little by little from every get together as those loud noises & bright lights are too overwhelming for your child. I see when you feel awful for comparing your child to others.

I’ve seen you sitting on the computer for hours researching what your child needs. I see you feel guilty when you cannot afford them all. I see you worry about neglecting your other children. I see you having a hard time thinking about the future. I see you feeling guilty for fantasizing about how life might have been different. And then I see you gather yourself and pull up all the strength to face this challenge

I wanted to come up to you and tell my story. I wanted to tell you that I’ve stepped into that shoe too and know where exactly it bites. I wanted to say that I appreciate how you push forward always.  What you do as a parent matters and it’s worth the struggle. And on those days when you feel invisible, like no one notices …… remember ….. I SEE YOU.

2 thoughts on “I See You”

  • Your post got from your heart straight to mine. Your courage and positivity is admirable and I’m sure the words resonate with all parents, especially the ones in similar situation. Life is full of challenges and the only way to go is UP. More strength to you Misha.. keep up the great spirit!

    • Thanks so much Ruchi, I too hope that the post brings some comfort and courage to others in similar situation. And, your kind words mean the world to me 🙂

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