I, Me and Myself

I, Me and Myself

Today’s title sounds a bit selfish and you’re absolutely correct – it is. 

Does not sound like me … but I just wanted to be Real right now. Too much positivity would sound toxic in the given situation.

To give you a background, we are once again under province wide ‘Stay at Home’ orders. No big deal, right? We have mastered the art by now.  But to add to the thrill, the schools close down for Spring Break which means kids at home all day long with nothing to keep them occupied, not even virtual! And the weather forecast showing rains for the next Seven Days came as the final flourish. Kids are super bored at home (so am I) and our only respite of occasional walks outside or going to the park is out of question.

While most of the Indian parents are firm believers in ‘spending quality time with kids’ but over last one year we’ve spent more time with them than most international laws would allow. And I’m quite sure that moms all over the world are frazzled right now, for n number of reasons. For me, the 2 most maddening things that are up to my eyeballs are Eating and Talking.

The people in my house are still eating like, All The Time. They’re home all the time and continue to eat all of the things. There is no safe place to hide snacks. And even though they’re snacking all day long, for some reason, they still expect me to cook dinner. What? Didn’t you eat dinner yesterday? This doesn’t make sense to me. Where is all the food going?

And my co-dwellers make a lot of noise. They are talking all the time. Everyone wants to chatter all day long, even if it is gibberish or scripting (in case of my Buttercup). I keep longing for one quiet moment when there is no noise, not even a whisper, not even the wind. May be I should move far into the woods.

Last week, I was struggling hard to find some peace and put my head together to create some content for my blog and arrived my elder one with another one of her remarkably boring topics. Did I mention what a talker she is, I did, in one of my earlier posts. She has an endless supply of words and an insatiable appetite for questions and conversation. I don’t. So my standard responses to her

(a) Hmm (with eye contact & head nods) meaning How long must I do this for you to go away,

(b) Hmm (with no eye contact & minimal head nod) meaning I’m so not listening to you and

(c) Blatant Ignoring meaning I’m trying real hard not to yell at you. So, for your own sake stop talking & get lost before I turn into MOMZILA


Its sounds mean but I do need some time to myself, some time away from them to be a kind mom. I need time to relax or do things that I enjoy like read a book or share a coherent conversation with my husband. Time to recover and reset to be a good mom the following day.

It’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes and put a stop to putting ourselves last again and again, everyday. What say?

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