I am that mom

I am that mom

So we’re here ….. officially the last long weekend of summer, The Labour Day weekend! While its painful to think that soon we all would be referring to summer in the past tense, the silver lining is that its time for schools to reopen. The very idea of ‘main aur meri tanhai’ for half a day, every day, gets to tickle my bones, my muscles and every tissue and cell of my body. Frozen song plays in my head ‘… conceal, don’t feel, don’t let it show! Make one wrong move and everyone will know’

Scrolling through some ads yesterday a caption caught my eye ‘Get the labour out of Labour Day’ and it set me thinking if labour could ever be pulled out of a mom’s life …. even for a day. Why do I say that? I say that because I’m a mom, more so an active member of club Autism. I say that because I’m one of the mothers who are often referred as ‘helicopter moms’. I say that because I am her.

I am that mom you would see chasing my child who saw something shiny in the shopping centre.

I am that mom you see running around at the park, covered in sweat, and continuously redoing her pony tail.

I am that mother who scans the perimeter of every playground better than an FBI agent. I know all the potential dangers, all the exits and every object that can go in my kid’s mouth.

I am that mom you would see climbing the jungle gym, crawl through every tunnel, and slide down every slide with my girl because she doesn’t have any understanding of safety and danger.
I am that mother who apologies after my kiddo pushes, or bumps into your child.

I am that mother that catches your eye because she is singing & enacting a nursery rhyme loudly to distract her child.

I am that mom who never brings a purse or a water bottle. I need my hands free at all times to hold her, lift her and sometimes carry her.

I am the mom you see driving like Vin Diesel when my kid is having a meltdown and we need to reach home.

I am that mom who keeps the dinner ready and the backup of it and the backup of the backup ….. my kid happens to be a picky eater.

I am the mom who couldn’t sleep well last night thinking of your unkind comment on my child’s behavior.
I am the mom that smiles at your little toddler when he’s asking you a hundred questions because my 6-year old has never asked me a single question.

I am that mom who never seems to be embarrassed when my child is creating a scene in public

I am that mother that looks tired … but needs to stay one step ahead at all times.

I am the mom who longs to sit and chat with you but has got too much on her plate.

Yes, I am the mom who’s thrilled at the idea of schools reopening. The mom that writes to you and reminds you to “hang in there”.

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