Happy Teacher’s Day – A note to the Teachers

Happy Teacher’s Day – A note to the Teachers

“An autistic boy was mad because he had to wear glasses. His eyes needed help, but he was too shy to wear glasses to school. So, his teacher e-mailed all the other teachers—and even the principal—and she asked them to dust off all their glasses because a special kiddo needed them. The next day they all wore their glasses to school. To show him that he belonged.”

I had once read this story and thought it was too good to be true …. until …. I met you.

One thing I truly am grateful for since my Buttercup was diagnosed is for some of the amazing people I’ve met along the way. People who are kind, patient, and understanding. Teachers and therapists whose special skills come not from books or manuals, but from hearts and minds. Educators who are not just doing a job but answering a calling. The ones whose hearts are so big that they shine through their eyes.

Teachers who have taken up a profession that is far more challenging, where each one of their students has an Individual Education Plan. Every day they willingly walk into a job that requires more work than we can possibly imagine. And they’re doing it happily. Faithfully! Honourably! Graciously!

There are days when I feel that my kiddo makes your job hard and your day long but you never complain. You joke that it’s no big deal. You say that you’re lucky to have my girl. You love her. And I know you are telling the truth.

And I need you to know how much it means to me as her mom. I want to thank you for loving her and for stepping in when I am away. Thank you for helping my kiddo who learns differently. Thank you for seeing a whole child, not a missing piece. Thank you for being the reason for lots of smiles, singing and laughter in our home. Thank you for giving us hope.

My 6-year-old is madly in love with you …. no, she’s never said that to me, but I know. I know it from the smile that crosses her face every time I take your name, I know it from the excitement I see every morning when she’s getting ready for your class. I know it when she tries to pull her hair up into a bun like you do. I know it when she goes around the house saying, ‘Oh dear Oh dear’, ‘Let me help you’ I know she’s scripting you. Did you know that she associates you with fun, learning and happiness! She’s so fond of you!

May be one day she would learn to express her feelings. One day she would read this and tell me, Mom you’re so dramatic! One day she would get you flowers and take you out for lunch and wish you herself Happy Teacher’s Day!!

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