Happy New Year

Happy New Year

A very happy new year to all my readers! I just wish that this year turns out uneventful unlike 2020 “Babaji bass ab life mein aur excitement nahi chahiye, iss saal ko ekdum boring bana do”

So hoping that everyone’s starting 2021 on a high note, lets talk of the new year resolutions. Hah … have you made one? Do you still make those? Do you still believe in those? If you do …. trust me you are as innocent as a kid who believes in Santa! I stopped doing that a very VERY long time ago. I’m a grown up now, so what if I still have a favourite cup to have my coffee in and I still steal chocolates from my girls’ stack, and I still rename roads as per my convenience like ‘Spadina’ is ‘Pudina’ for me …. some habits are just hard to die. But the New Year Resolutions is a big no no for me.


I have some real life survival challenges on hand here like, for example, waking up my kids in the morning and getting them ready for school. When my younger one does not listen to me atleast I have ‘Autism’ to blame but trust me things are no different with my elder one either. Having kids have taught me that their ears are for decorative purposes only.  Sometimes I myself wonder if it is actually possible to brush your teeth, do your hair, and put on your shoes, without first being asked sixty two times.


90% of getting kids ready for school in the morning is Yelling. I say rise n shine but they hear rise n whine. Oh that voice, the one that makes your toes curl, the little hairs on your arm stand up, and your ears bleed and sounds like nails on a chalkboard. I can tolerate a lot of things. I do pretty well with reason, logic, questioning, arguments, and even miss-communication. I however, do not do well with whining. And please don’t judge me on that, don’t con yourself into believing that there’s a better way of doing things. It has been established that they would only do it when their mom’s voice is so loud that even the neighbours would brush their teeth and get dressed. And by now the cycle is predictable: Ask kids to do something. They ignore you. Ask kids 15 more times. They still ignore you. Lose your shit. Kids finally listen. Feel terrible. Rinse and repeat. May be one day things would change, may be this year or in the coming years. In the meantime, I’ll be over here nagging and hounding and pestering on a daily basis.  Which means I’ll also be over here forgiving myself and my kids – for being imperfect versions of works in progress.

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