Happiness is

Happiness is

Can you feel it?

Yes, this last quarter of every year has a feel to it. A feeling of festivity, joy, cheer! Almost like magic in the air! Time to stop and relax a bit, time to be content with the accomplishments of the year gone past and time to plan for a fresh start.

I see people exchanging gifts and wishes of happiness.

Happiness is comfort, happiness is contentment, happiness is celebration, happiness is delusion, happiness is ambition, happiness is abundance. Happiness is simple yet complex because everyone defines it differently.

If I were to describe Happiness, I would classify it into 3 categories –

First, the Happiness that we plan for. The curated moments like going on a travel destination or the retail therapy, a long drive, a movie, attending a wedding or celebrating festivals.

Second, the moments that catch us by surprise. Like hearing from an old friend, a surprise gift, a help offered, or a complement received.

Third category involves the most vital part of the fabric of life.  The moments in abundance, the ones we take for granted. The ones that miss the spotlight and go unmentioned because we were too occupied noticing the big and grand.

No. Life is not fair. Not always do we get what we want or even need. There are always going to be events and choices we regret but in spite of all of that, Life is full of blessings. And that’s my wish for you this week that may you find all those simple, shiny, colorful and tasty things that make you want to do a happy dance! May you be cognizant of this most precious part of happiness, moments that make this life worth living.

Simply put, happiness is

a good night’s sleep

a little sunshine on a winter day

good-morning phone call to parents

the feeling at the end of a long run

kiddo’s laughter while playing in the backyard

the smell of cookies freshly baked

a Barbie sleeping on my work desk

licking the last bit of Nutella from jar

non-Indian friends wishing you Happy Diwali too

your favourite melody playing on radio

getting a good deal while shopping

cracking a silly joke

falling asleep in hubby’s lap while watching the Friday night movie.


Happiness is writing this blog and having over 170 followers.

Happiness is knowing I’m not so dumb after all 😉


Happy happies to All ……

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