Different but Alike!

Different but Alike!

Let me begin today’s blog by asking you a question “What Is the difference between Teens and Tweens” ………… Nothing, absolutely nothing! Both are fully equipped with rolling eyes, deep sighs and sarcastic comments. Being asked to tidy her room and make her bed is on a par with being asked to dance barefoot on hot lava for her. By now you must have guessed that I’m referring to the Tween in my house, my elder one. And let me tell you that nobody is more naïve than a mom who places things on stairs hoping any of her kids would carry them upstairs. Yes, life is hard!

I have these two totally distinct kids in my house. They are poles apart ….. while  “Talking” is a whole big complicated process for my younger one, keeping her mouth shut is the most challenging task for my elder one. Buttercup needs a constant reminder of ‘Use your words’, and my Nut No.3 loves to talk. She LOVES to talk, listen to her own voice, and will talk to anyone who will listen to her. She gets bored easily, so she’s mostly hunting out for people who would listen to her. Despite these differences, my kiddos have some startling similarities (when it comes to teaming up against me) and I would like to list a few

  • Both make me repeat my statements multiple times, to the point where I have now started enjoying it …… you know, I mean why say something just once when you can say it TWO THOUSAND TIMES and still not get the desired, questing result 🙁
  • Both are self-obsessed pretty damsels who consider it to be their birth right to devastate Mommy‘s cosmetics to enhance their own public appeal.
  • Both are intuitive enough and can smell it when mom is sleepy or seeking some rest and they make it their lives mission not to let that happen. While one becomes hyper active that very moment, the other bombards me with endless questions.
  • Apparently, none of them approves of their mom’s singing talent. While the elder one believes my singing has more holes in it than Swiss cheese and criticizes it openly and harshly, the younger starts pleading ‘Sorry‘, ‘Sorry‘. Does my singing sound like yelling? May be, may be to her, may be those high notes …. But I’ve tried low notes as well and her reaction never changes. I think there’s something seriously wrong with this kid!
  • Both fight my grip real hard when I try to squeeze them Goodbye at school drop off zone. While for one it’s a sensory overload and she does not want to miss any bit of the action happening around her, the other gets worried that her friends would see her accepting a mom’s affection. And therefore I mostly end up getting shoo’d away!


Does the description above ring a bell with you? Am I the only one experiencing turbulence here or do I have a company? Feel free to share your story in the comment section below.

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