Confessions of a Teenager’s Mom

Confessions of a Teenager’s Mom

Hello everyone. I took off for a few weeks. You see I’ve been a busy person lately ……. chasing some personal goals. And, there’s really no point me apologizing for vanishing away … since I know I could (and would) be doing it again.

Life’s been busy, with a lot happening ……. The clock ticking and things changing. My family growing up. As much as I want to freeze us all in time and make sure we don’t age another day, it’s happening. The kids are getting older, the 2 elder nuts are getting softer and everything about our family dynamic seems to be shifting.

My kids growing up is the most bittersweet thing I have ever experienced. My Nut No. 3 started her teenage ride this year and seems like I would be 93 by the end of it! My superpowers like the ‘mom voice’ and the ‘mom eye roll’ getting weaker by the day. I can no longer dress or direct her my way (thank God I have another doll).

You got it, this cute cuddly girl of mine is now an obstinate, self-obsessed teenager with funny big feet …. actually, the whole body bigger than me. The damsel no longer gets super excited for holidays or pizza night. She’s in her room a lot, and her social life comes first.

I’ve heard people talking of ‘The Darkest Days of Parenthood’ and I dread those stories of mom-hating teenagers. Suddenly, your kids are their own people who can judge your parenting and argue with your choices. They can opt to listen or make life difficult. They can tell you straight out— this is not what I want to do with my day. I feel Teenagers are a lot like toddlers: moody, unpredictable, and often resort to non-verbal body language to get their way.

On the brighter side, having a teenager has its own perks. You don’t have to run around doing everything for them, they can do stuff for themselves and you no longer have to clean their mess ….. or may be a little. They can share some burden of household chores and while they take care of the younger siblings you may have more quality time with the TV. They behave like real people who are fun to have conversations with. They get more layered and interesting and awe-inspiring by the day and they impress you with things they learned at school. They make actual jokes and profess their love for you in better ways. You may also have shared hobbies and interests.

No doubt my Nut No.3 would be more independent and dramatic in the times to come but for now I survive by reminding myself, it’s just a phase and I will make it out alive only if I make the most use of my Motherfunny-ness.

So no matter what they tell you, there is nothing different that happens when your kid turns 13:

They still can’t drive

They still can’t vote

They still can’t booze

They still can’t pick a job

They still come to you for food, cash and shelter

See ……. nothing changes. But buddy, don’t let your guard down!

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