Birthdays & Milestones

Birthdays & Milestones

‘How old are you? I’m five ….  mm … sss ….. si….. six. You see we are practicing. Kiddos birthday is around the corner and the very number of age that she had memorized by heart is suddenly gonna change.  She’s utterly confused. But she’s excited & so am I.

It had been a great year for her, she graduated from Kindergarten and so many milestones check marked. No, I’m not referring to the typical milestones that parents often talk about — rolling over, eating solids, walking, talking, etc.

Today as I reflect on her progress in the year gone past, I realised that Walking & Talking are so overrated. However, there’s this another set of milestones that are a game changer. Here’s a list of those game changing milestones my kiddo achieved, ready reckoner to all the new parents of wonderful things ahead of them.

  • Understands the concept of rinse & spit after brushing the teeth and her aim never misses the washroom sink
  • The girl’s got a hunter instinct, can pull out her own boogers precisely & smoothly and gets rid of the left overs by that glorious act of blowing the nose into a tissue.
  • Packs her own lunch bag, opens her own food wrappers, punches her own juice box with a straw
  • Can climb into the car seat, buckle herself …. Only to unbuckle and jump into the boot in the moving car
  • Kiddo is partially toilet trained …. eliminating in or around the pot …. majority of the times.
  • Can comb her own precious hair and even picks up the fallen strands and tries to fix them back on her head.
  • Understands the concept of ‘Wait’ for about 20 seconds
  • After finishing dinner brings her dishes to the sink and throws them in.
  • No longer rolls in the grass when wearing a new dress, sand pit is a different story though
  • Kiddo can officially be declared ‘Resourceful’ brings you the remote, the water bottle and even the toilet roll 😉

I’ve let go of traditional milestones and benchmarks.  She sets her own and they are way better. We don’t compare her to other children. Making her appear neuro-typical is never our goal. As long as she’s happy, I am content to let her be different her entire life. To me, she is perfect.

Honestly, I do sometimes worry about her delays but then this is not about her being ready for the world. This is about the world being ready for her. So, I try to prepare you for her, I’ve told you she won’t look you in the eye upon meeting, she won’t say ‘Thank you’ when you wish her ‘Happy Birthday’ but she’s likely to come running & hug you for no reason or hold your hand to check out the pretty ring you’re wearing. She’s incredibly observant. She’s funny & fearless and quirky! I’ve told you that she can understand much more language than she can express.

There’s so much more you need to know. There’s so much more I need to share. My list is long, and I am grateful every day that although autism is a piece of my girl, there are many more pieces to my wonderful little Buttercup.

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