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Happy Autism Awareness Day

Happy Autism Awareness Day

Autism Awareness month is here and I’m back with my Autism Talk. Don’t worry I don’t expect you to get a PhD in autism. However, it is a topic close to my heart and I need autism to be part of the collective conscience. People 

Confessions of a Teenager’s Mom

Confessions of a Teenager’s Mom

Hello everyone. I took off for a few weeks. You see I’ve been a busy person lately ……. chasing some personal goals. And, there’s really no point me apologizing for vanishing away … since I know I could (and would) be doing it again. Life’s 



Let’s admit, in the world of some humans ‘Writing’ never happened ….. and the other 2 nuts in my family belong to that very species. While I’m a happy camper celebrating the first completed year of Blogging, these nuts of mine are engaged chewing the fat. Why do you write? Did it make you famous? Do you think it will make you richer one day? What did you achieve from blogging?

So, to all those who wonder why I write for free … I am not foolish.  If anyone came knocking to my door I would take their money or gifts (cash & kind both acceptable).  However, its not a pre-requisite for my writing. I just don’t need it to be that way. Because if you love what you are doing, you are already inspired to do it every single day. While for some of you, writing might seem like a chore ….. kind of the same way I feel about cooking or driving. For me, it is more comparable to getting a spa or watching a movie. Writing is relaxing. More so when I have no deadlines, no evaluator and no pressure!

Writing is personal. But its also a way for me to connect with you. A way of staying in touch with those friends & acquaintances of mine whom I don’t get to speak that very often but I know who care. So I try to share those happy, sad moments of mine with you …. remember how we did sitting across the table, sipping our coffees. Writing is sharing a piece of myself with each post, each word.

Writing is being vulnerable. Writing takes courage. Writing is a way to release those thoughts in my brain that keep me up at night or distract me from more pressing matters like what to cook for dinner. So while this blog is a way of capturing my kids’ childhood, our family memories, and sharing the tips which have helped me, its also a means of delivering a message that we all have tough times and we can come out of it if we stay positive.

There are days when I escape to a quieter spot in my house with the thought that it would be good spending some time alone with my thoughts only to realize I don’t have as many thoughts. The next minute, I watch some chaos unfold before my eyes providing me with a food for thought and the baseline of my next post. Its exciting to see how thoughts take shape. Sometimes I read what I’ve written and feel a smile creep up, that stays long after I’ve closed my laptop.

I write when I’m inspired. I write when I am upset. I write when I am in love. I write when I am concerned. I write when I’m in awe of someone. I write when I have a bone to pick with someone. I write because sometimes words are all I have.

Today is my 32nd post since I started this blog 375 days ago and all my stories are 100% genuine and honest. I’m not here to preach and say what I’m doing is perfect but I write only to bring some comfort, joy, hope and strength into this world. And my reward comes in the form of You, my readers, over 200 friends that I’ve gained. I came to realize that the more open I was about the challenges we face, and the way I felt, the easier it became to deal with them. Talking the talk has made it easier walking the walk. And I owe this to you. You, who always listen to my talk and send back words of encouragement, comments of appreciation and a promise that I’m not alone. I take a lot from the process.  I take a lot from you. You see, I don’t do this for free. Thank you for your support, compassion and openness to learn. Thank you for taking the time to get to know the 3 Nuts and a Buttercup ……. and the others like us!

The Change

The Change

Here we are …… nearing that time on the calendar when it would mark the end of one year and the beginning of the next. And no time Change is more expected, discussed and encouraged than at the beginning of a new year. People talk 

I See You

I See You

I saw you today. You walked past me as you were trying to find the right pair of shoes for yourself. I saw you struggling to keep your special needs child calm in that busy store. I saw your anxiety when your kid ran over 

Happiness is

Happiness is

Can you feel it?

Yes, this last quarter of every year has a feel to it. A feeling of festivity, joy, cheer! Almost like magic in the air! Time to stop and relax a bit, time to be content with the accomplishments of the year gone past and time to plan for a fresh start.

I see people exchanging gifts and wishes of happiness.

Happiness is comfort, happiness is contentment, happiness is celebration, happiness is delusion, happiness is ambition, happiness is abundance. Happiness is simple yet complex because everyone defines it differently.

If I were to describe Happiness, I would classify it into 3 categories –

First, the Happiness that we plan for. The curated moments like going on a travel destination or the retail therapy, a long drive, a movie, attending a wedding or celebrating festivals.

Second, the moments that catch us by surprise. Like hearing from an old friend, a surprise gift, a help offered, or a complement received.

Third category involves the most vital part of the fabric of life.  The moments in abundance, the ones we take for granted. The ones that miss the spotlight and go unmentioned because we were too occupied noticing the big and grand.

No. Life is not fair. Not always do we get what we want or even need. There are always going to be events and choices we regret but in spite of all of that, Life is full of blessings. And that’s my wish for you this week that may you find all those simple, shiny, colorful and tasty things that make you want to do a happy dance! May you be cognizant of this most precious part of happiness, moments that make this life worth living.

Simply put, happiness is

a good night’s sleep

a little sunshine on a winter day

good-morning phone call to parents

the feeling at the end of a long run

kiddo’s laughter while playing in the backyard

the smell of cookies freshly baked

a Barbie sleeping on my work desk

licking the last bit of Nutella from jar

non-Indian friends wishing you Happy Diwali too

your favourite melody playing on radio

getting a good deal while shopping

cracking a silly joke

falling asleep in hubby’s lap while watching the Friday night movie.


Happiness is writing this blog and having over 170 followers.

Happiness is knowing I’m not so dumb after all 😉


Happy happies to All ……

The Poop Story

The Poop Story

Don’t judge me, don’t raise those eyebrows, no evil grins please …….. I’m a writer and I only write about what’s on my mind. And past week I’ve had poop and just poop on my head, I mean my thoughts. I’ve already had a hard 

Happy Teacher’s Day – A note to the Teachers

Happy Teacher’s Day – A note to the Teachers

“An autistic boy was mad because he had to wear glasses. His eyes needed help, but he was too shy to wear glasses to school. So, his teacher e-mailed all the other teachers—and even the principal—and she asked them to dust off all their glasses 



Last week was Back to School week for kids and the night before the BIG DAY I heard from a very dear friend. Her son was going to school the very first time and she was looking for some words of wisdom from Me aka the experienced mom.

My friend’s call actually put me in some serious self-doubt …. When did I qualify for this? Do I qualify to give such advice? Especially when most of my brain capacity is consumed by my job. I wondered if I was myself forgetting something.

But I truly wanted to help. So, I got down to business and put a back to school checklist to help everyone stay a bit more organized. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same way there goes days of labor behind sending kids back to school.


Sort through the old clothing, donate what no longer fits and purchase new clothing
Time to go on a shopping spree as the kid’s would have outgrown most of their last year’s fall clothing, vertically or horizontally.

Sit down with your planner and mark the important dates in entire school calendar.
This one is totally optional, like I just had a Post-It Note on my fridge with the most notable date: SCHOOL STARTS TUESDAY! DON’T BE LATE!

Sign up for fall sports and after school activities.
Don’t settle for less and plan ahead. You might want to keep them busy even after the school hours


Purchase backpack, lunchboxes, and water bottles for each child.
No, not the growth spurts to be blamed for everything. But who uses last year’s stuff.

Haircuts for everyone.

Prepare the week’s lunch menu.

Make a “favorite foods” list for each of your children and don’t even think of consulting the kids on this one.

Stock up on the lunch basics like juice, napkins, Ziplocs, sandwich bags, and snacks.
Snacks being most critical part of them all, like we might end up wiping our hands on our shirts, but we could never run out of Goldfish.

Purchase work supplies like pencils, markers, crayons, etc.
This one could be postponed to a week after the school. No school wants to burden kids in the very first week ….. have you not heard of mental health?

Start getting kids back on their bedtime routine. 


Manage your kid’s anxiety of going back to school ….. Mental Health sake

Tone up your vocal cords

2 months is a looong time and there’s a high probability that you’ve lost your touch! Practice screaming & yelling, remember, in the morning you would need a voice loud enough to wake the dead.

Make sure that your camera is full charged and ready for first day photos.

You must be tired by now, please delegate this one to hubby. I would also tell him what a Perfectionist I am. I might look like an underachiever, but I will cut someone if I don’t get fabulous first day of school pictures.


Don’t forget to tell the kids that how terribly you’re gonna miss them …. Mental Health sake

Do not miss on anything in excitement while you drive down to school…. neither of your kids, neither of their bags.

Confession – like I did miss taking my younger one’s bag last year and that’s another lengthy story that I would keep for another blog post.

Book a patio table

Exit the house, you & hubby have totally earned that lunch date 😉

I am that mom

I am that mom

So we’re here ….. officially the last long weekend of summer, The Labour Day weekend! While its painful to think that soon we all would be referring to summer in the past tense, the silver lining is that its time for schools to reopen. The