7 Parenting Hacks

7 Parenting Hacks

We live in challenging times, more so when it comes to Parenting. Of course, we want the best for our children and in the process, end up nagging them & correcting them. Ever noticed how the proverb ‘what you feed, grows’ is so true in this context? If we keep nagging our kids about their poor behavior, all we seem to get is poor behavior. So, let’s forget about our expectations for once, and rather ponder over ‘What kids need the most?’  (Apart from oxygen, food, water and shelter of course) Yes, you got me, Love and Acceptance. Whether Neuro-typical or Neuro-diverse, all kids seek attention.

I’m no Parenting expert but if the trick here is to make the kids feel valued/ important to get the best out of them, I can share few hacks that worked for me.

Disclaimer: Please be mindful of customizing it to your own unique parenting style and family dynamics.

  1. Pay attention when they are talking,

Preferably get down to their level, look them in the eye and be an active listener. It happens effortlessly if you have a Teen or Tween like my elder one, who’s taller than me and MAKES me listen to her anyways. But it’s very important a trick to connect with the younger one as she uses her eyes and gestures more to communicate than just words.

  1. Ask for choices and suggestions

Whether its about buying a gift for a friend or colour of the walls or a home décor item or planning a family outing, involve them and ask for their opinion. As a matter of fact, its an inevitable course of life especially if you have girls (whew) …. From the colour of their dresses to haircut to hair accessories to footwear, all the way their preferences.

  1. Share common interests

A no brainer … enter their world, sit with them and enjoy doing what they love. Pretend play, DIYs, baking, board games, outdoor sports, watching their favourite shows … all great ways to connect.

  1. Introduce them to visitors

It not only it satisfies their curiosity but also makes them confident and connected.

  1. Give them a pet name that is copyrighted by you.

Leave alone one, I have multiple pet names for each of my kiddos and believe me, they feel cozy when I call them with these names (only inside the four walls). Nevertheless, it also gives them a hint of my mood.

  1. Involve them in age appropriate household chores

This one’s ought to be my favourite. I assign a variety of different household tasks to my girls. While there are a bit heavier tasks for the elder one like tidying up her room, watering the plants etc. the younger one assists with lighter ones like turning on the lamps & drawing curtains/ blinds every evening. Then there’s a third category of tasks where they have to team up like emptying out the dish washer, doing laundry etc. And all these jobs make them feel very important by contributing in the house (or at least that’s what I like to believe).

  1. Praise them but Praise their efforts more

I learnt this the hard way. If you want to avoid listening to statements like “Mummy aapke ghar toh Genius hi paida ho gaya hai” then praise effort over result. Encourage the kids to always do their best, focusing on their effort and not on who they are. This enables them to take more initiative to learn. And understand that success depends on effort, not just ability.


Being a parent is a heavier responsibility, responsibility of filling their heads with the right ideas. Let’s work towards shaping their heart and character, not just their behaviour.

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