20 Things I challenge you to do after having Kids

20 Things I challenge you to do after having Kids

Today’s post is dedicated to my friends with younger kids.

And, it could also serve as a warning to the ones who are planning to have kids.

Here are 20 things you should obliterate from your head after having kids

  1. Sleep 2 hours extra on holidays
  2. Take a luxurious bath of over 15 minutes
  3. Find things where you left them
  4. Answer the doorbell alone
  5. Talk on phone
  6. Watch grown up TV shows
  7. Listen to your favourite songs from 90’s
  8. Do laundry just once a week
  9. Eat chocolates & chips out in open
  10. Have privacy
  11. Decorate your house
  12. Look at stairs as means to go up & down and not as Jungle Gym
  13. Differentiate between indoor & outdoor games
  14. Travel light
  15. Leave restaurant table & surroundings as clean as you got it on arrival
  16. Ignore the ice-cream truck passing by your house on a summer day
  17. Return from shopping without buying any kids’ stuff
  18. Not have dinner back-ups
  19. Look civilized when out in public
  20. Pay attention to your spouse

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