Autism and what causes it

Autism and what causes it

 What is autism?

‘Autism is a cognitive condition that includes impairments with social interaction, language development, and communication skills, with rigid, repetitive behaviors. Depending on where a person lands on the spectrum they may experience mild to moderate autism symptoms.’ That’s the bookish definition, or, in today’s times, the Googlish definition.

However, I have a different one of my own, I call it the ‘Harry Potter or Stranger Things definition’ …. Autism is like a super power which provides you with an access to a secret portal to escape into a different (imaginary)world. You would have this kid right in front of you physically but mentally he would be somewhere else. It could be a lonely world but its magical and its beautiful.

Neurodiverse people are wired differently and more often than not, they see the world as an unstable place, full of utter chaos. They witness devastating, chaotic events, such as strong smells, or loud noises and bright flashing lights, and considering the autistic brain, that functions slowly or at its own pace, it is too much to take in at one single time. And therefore, autistic people take refuge in an imaginary world where their lives are perfect. In society dominated by neurotypicals, perfection is impossible to achieve, and this is where the vivid imagination of an autistic mind comes to their benefit. They can imagine that they live in a world where everyone is friendly, and there is little to no hatred whatsoever, and everything is perfect.

So, in a way, Autism as a beautiful condition of innocence, goodwill and idealism, and autistic individuals if provided the correct environment can bloom. Autism is not what defines these kids but it’s like a net/ shield that surrounds them and everything that reaches them must pass through this filter.

What causes Autism?

When you join the Spectrum club, you read a lot, you tend to dive deep into research on every aspect of it and I was no different. Even though I actually never cared enough where it came from, maybe I was just curious …. I just thought it would be a good information to have. And there are a whole lot of different theories on net like Autism is caused by mercury, Autism is caused by lead, Autism is triggered by certain pesticides or certain vaccines or chemicals found on non-stick cookware or plastics …. But nothing conclusive. There is no one cause and there is still uncertainty as to what causes it. Genetics is one of the most well-known factors. Research continues as to how genetics, environmental, infection, and other factors play into a spectrum diagnosis.

But one thing is for sure, it’s nothing you did or didn’t do. It’s not because you forgot a few prenatal vitamins, or you didn’t hold your child long enough or a result of bad parenting. No, it does not happen to bad people either. This is not your fault.

Today I’ve reached a point where I don’t give a damn why my kiddo is autistic.  It’s just is what it is.  I don’t need someone or something to blame. I’ve wasted enough time investigating and it feels like I was arranging deck chairs on Titanic. There are bigger issues to be addressed so why sweat over small stuff.  And if that question still comes knocking at your door my only advice to you is not to bother yourself into opening that door. Let’s leave science to science. Let them do their jobs and I would do mine.

This is what it is. This is our life now.  This is our new normal.  I know it won’t be easy, but I know it would get better or, may be, I would get better at dealing with it.  Be it through humor, meditation, prayer, yoga, binge watching Netflix shows, blogging, or a thousand other escapism mechanism that I have on my checklist, but I will do this.

“Life imposes things on you that you can’t control, but you still have the choice of how you’re going to live through this.” If we accept what cannot be changed, we’ll be at peace with ourselves and can then channelize our energies towards things that are in our hands. By doing so we put ourselves in the driving seat to steer the life in the direction we want.

2 thoughts on “Autism and what causes it”

  • Everyone has their version of “autism” (read problems), but what you choose to do with it is what defines you not the problem.
    I have mine, and it’s a struggle everyday to not be defined by it. We fight it everyday with a big smile.
    More power to the 3 nuts and their buttercup, there is great strength in sharing.

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